KABA’s July Event Focuses on Safe Repairs

Printed in Autobody News

On July 27, the Kansas Auto Body Association (KABA) hosted a full-day educational event for collision repair industry professionals at Thirsty’s Brew Pub and Grill in Hays, KS.

The association’s goal, according to KABA Vice President Tony Adams, “was to bring educational information on safe and proper repairs to protect Kansas consumers while strengthening our members on being better operators. The event was received well by our attendees and was a success. We brought in speakers covering subjects from I-CAR training to marketing and financials, and even had technical demonstrations with equipment.”

KABA President Jeff Oldenettel discussed I-CAR’s recent enhancements, and Robb Young of P3 Consultants offered invaluable information on marketing and OEM certifications. “Financials 1010” was taught by Axalta’s Mark NelsonKeith Egan and John Pankau from BETAG Innovation provided repair panel training which included a product demonstration.

Adams said, “Association events are important because they raise awareness for the collision repair industry. Einstein said, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ If we are going to solve today’s problems, we have to think differently about them. How else can we do that without being a part of a group focused on education?”

“We look forward, as an association, to bringing more value-added training to our members across the state in the months to come,” Adams added.

For more information on KABA, visit kansasaba.com.