Chasidy Rae Sisk Poetry

A dark star in the clear sky,

A heavy cloud stationed over the head of humanity,

The gentle breeze blows more forcefully

as it overwhelms the emotions.

Sinful, sins, deadly.

Devouring, consuming Engorgement:

overwhelming Hunger

causes the starvation

of Generosity and Giving by


Touching, groping Salacity:

La Petite Mort, the Little Death,

grasps and strangles

virtuous Chastity in


Idling, lounging Lethargy:

In its laxity, Laziness

inadvertently suffocates

Industry and Diligence with


Preening, pampering Vanity:

Overconfidence in self

bloodily abolishes

any remaining Modesty contradictory to


Grasping, craving Covetousness:

the Green-Eyed Monster

wages war against

Contentedness out of


Engulfing, enveloping Rage:

Violence personified

as Anger eradicates

Compassion in consuming


Squandering, accumulating Edacity:

Selfishness transcends altruism

and absolutely obliterates

Benevolence due to


Deadly sins, seven, sinful and deadly:

Emotions overwhelmed,

the gentle by the forceful,

clouding Humanity,

clear hearts turning dark with

Sins, Deadly Sins, Sinful Death.

Chasidy Rae Sisk 6/3/2010

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