Dream It, Brand It, Own It: Jan Griffiths Shares Tips on Converting Dreams into Reality

By Chasidy Rae Sisk

“Dream more, fear less,” Jan Griffiths, president and founder of Gravitas Detroit, told members of the Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation (AWAF) on Jan. 14. During “Dream It! Brand It! Own It!,” Griffiths provided useful tips that can help automotive and collision professionals turn dreams into reality by crafting and executing a vision, staying focused, saying ‘no’, and managing distractions.

The presentation, according to Griffiths, was “the origin of my story and breaking through barriers to move from being a farmer’s daughter in a small town in Wales to becoming one of the top 100 women in the automotive industry and now an entrepreneur.”

Beginning with dreaming, Griffiths asked attendees to consider their dream job, as well as what limiting beliefs are preventing them from achieving that dream. Stressing the power of visualization, Griffiths said, “See it, feel it and believe it! Connect to an emotion, a mission or a purpose. Be bold, and don’t accept limitations!”

Next, Griffiths discussed the importance of personal branding, warning AWAF members about the dangers of imposter syndrome which can be circumvented through self-awareness and controlling your own narrative. She also pointed out that positive energy is infectious and a valuable trait of thought leaders.

Owning it means accepting personal accountability. Examining why many professionals are prevented from getting things done, Griffiths explained that lack of focus and struggling to prioritize is the culprit over half of the time. She next shared her acronym for OWN IT:

  • Outline your day, and establish your mindset
  • Wake-up with your alarm, no excuses.
  • No “to-do” list, block time in your schedule.
  • Incremental steps of improvement, build on success.
  • Take time to refresh and recharge.

Griffith’s presentation concluded with improvement tips and a question-and-answer session with attendees.

AWAF hosted this virtual event “to help start the new year of 2021 in a great way,” according to Diane Morrison, co-chair of professional development for AWAF. “The event was well-attended with a high level of participation. Attendees said they were inspired and motivated to jump into the new year with supportive and energized habits. [Jan’s presentation] exceeded expectations with motivational tips, use of new technology, and energizing messages.”

Sherry Muir Irwin, AWAF board member, added, “I received lots of very useful and practical tips for making positive changes to improve my life. Jan is an incredible speaker and motivator – her energy is boundless and contagious!”

For more information on AWAF and future events, visit awafoundation.org.

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