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Mike Jones: Game Changers Take the Time to Clarify

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 18:28


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 Mike Jones lectured on the importance of seeking clarity in order to improve communication at the 2017 WIN Educational Conference.

On May 10, Discover Leadership Training’s PresidentMike Jones presented “Creating a Better Version of Yourself” during the last day of WIN’s 2017 Educational Conference.

Drawing on his personal experiences flying police helicopters, creating programs for high school students to encourage their success, and as a cognitive scientist, Jones noted, “Words are not bad. People use words in bad ways. I urge you all to listen with the intent to be influenced, or you’ll miss the opportunity to be a better you.”

Asking everyone to consider the words “revolutionary” and “extraordinary,” Jones advised, “The insanity is in the sanity. Traditions are the beliefs of the dead, and traditionalisms are the dead beliefs of the living… In order to get some, you’ve got to bring some – WIN the moment!”

Rather than listening with the intent to be influenced, people often listen to others in order to prove them wrong, thus proving themselves right. Because people listen to respond, once they receive a stimulus, they formulate an answer and stop listening.

“Words are not bad. People use words in bad ways.”

Engaging attendees in a listening test, Jones emphasized, “If you listen with your own filter, you’ll formulate answers that aren’t part of the conversation. We act in accordance with what we believe the truth is; you act according to your own truth, and conflicts in relationships are often derived from the misunderstanding between my truth and your truth. People frequently operate on their own truth and treat that truth as if it’s common sense.”

Having the audience gauge his meaning of the words “expensive” and “fast,” Jones demonstrated the ambiguity of these words and how easy they can be to misconstrue. “Words create pictures, and pictures create emotions. Energy and action follow thought. If you look at the chasm created by the ambiguity of certain words, you see how we communicate with the people in our lives and the reasons for many conflicts; we rarely clarify someone else’s meaning to ensure we’re on the same page. Game changers take the time to clarify so there’s no break in communication. If you take the time to make sure they heard what you said before you execute, there will be fewer do-overs.”

Looking at the theme of WIN’s 2017 Educational Conference, “Be Extraordinary with Balance, Purpose and Results,” Jones insisted results must be first and last, and the outcome defines where a person is going, but if they do not know the desired outcome, they cannot know which direction to take. “Be outcome focused,” he stated. “You must be specific in order to hold yourself accountable. Create new behaviors you can replicate beyond that event. You have to win the moment you’re in.”

Purpose is something deliberate and intentional. Rather than saying “this is just who I am,” acknowledge “this is who I choose to be.” Jones believes, “Each of us can choose who to be in the moment to achieve the outcome we want. You already have all you need to be successful – you just need to choose it.”

Balance is to place things in context. According to Jones, “You don’t know if your behaviors are appropriate if you don’t know what your outcome is. Unless you change the picture, you can’t change your behavior. Stop thinking about what you don’t want, and focus on what you DO want. Energy and action follow thought.”

In closing, Jones said, “I know the difference that women make every day! I’m passionate about what WIN does and incredibly emotional about the energy of the extraordinary people in this room.”

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